Dear Visitor!

You can report illegal or harmful contents here. If you find any online content based on the categories below that you believe is hosted in Hungary, you can report by following the steps of the reporting form. Before making a report, please check our process for handling the incoming reports. It is possible to submit the reports anonymously.

  • Child sexual abuse images

    We take reports on child sexual abuse images hosted anywhere in the world. Child sexual abuse images should be considered as pictures or video contents which are able to pique sexual desire.
  • Grooming / Cyberbullying

    Report here, if you or your child happened to be a victim of cyberbulling or grooming through the Internet. This kind of cyberbullying or grooming should be considered as an action, when somebody violently, regulary tries to connect with you or your child against your or his / her wish.
    Also report here, if you find child grooming on websites, forums, or any online form.
  • Incitement of ethnic or racial hatred content, Xenophobic content

    Report here any ethnic or racial hatred contents, prohibited autocratic symbols found on the internet. Contents that can be found threatening can also be reported here.