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What is the Hotline? 

The Safe Internet Hotline is an online reporting platform where users can report harmful, illegal content found on the internet.

The primary aim of the Hotline is to ensure that harmful and illegal online content which may threaten the physical, psychological and mental development of children is removed from the internet as quickly as possible. To this end, we work closely with the Hungarian authorities, content providers, social media platforms and members of the International Association of Internet Hotlines (INHOPE).

Under an agreement with the National Police Headquarters, we are able to forward illegal content directly to the Cybercrime Division of the National Bureau of Investigation of the Rapid Intervention Police. Copyright cases are sent to the National Tax and Customs Administration’s Directorate General for Criminal Investigation. Additionally, the Office of the Prosecutor General also assists the professional work of the Hotline.

The Hotline is operated by the International Children’s Safety Service (ICSS) as part of the Safer Internet Centre. The programme, initiated by the European Commission, aims to educate children, parents, teachers and policy makers about internet safety. The ICSS has been actively involved in this programme since 2009 as a consortium leader, hotline and awareness-raising centre in Hungary.

What content can be reported?

On the Safe Internet Hotline reporting interface, illegal online content as defined by Hungarian law can be reported in the following categories:

  • Child sexual abuse material
  • Content posted without consent
  • Online harassment
  • Violent content
  • Racist and xenophobic content
  • Phishing, financial fraud
  • Content offering or enticing drug use
  • Cruelty to animals
  • Other harmful content
How can I make a report?

You can only make a report by filling in the form on the Safe Internet Hotline website (

You can send in harmful and illegal content anonymously or by giving your e-mail address. If you let us know your e-mail address, our analysts will be able to tell you about the progress of the case and give further tips related to your report. 

What happens when I make a report?

Content received via the Safe Internet Hotline reporting platform will be reviewed and assessed by our analysts in accordance with the relevant national legislation. First it is checked to see whether the content is indeed illegal and whether it has a Hungarian connection.

In all cases of illegal content where Hungarian jurisdiction arises, we will notify the competent national authority, which will take the necessary action.

In the case of child pornography content, in the absence of Hungarian jurisdiction, we will forward the illegal content to the competent INHOPE member country via ICCAM, the international platform enabling the secure exchange of child sexual abuse material.

In the case of other unlawful content, in the absence of Hungarian jurisdiction, our analysts will notify the content provider and request that the content be removed. Our hotline cannot oblige anyone to delete illegal content. 

About INHOPE membership

INHOPE is an international organisation whose mission is to provide support to hotlines and enable them to identify and remove child sexual abuse material quickly.

INHOPE is made up of hotlines around the world. These operate in all EU Member States, Russia, South Africa, North and South America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Hotlines and their partner organisations are supported through training, quality assurance and staff welfare.

The Safe Internet Hotline works closely with hotlines in other countries within INHOPE. Our Hotline operates following INHOPE guidelines, which, in the spirit of transparency, are available to everyone here.