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Phishing is a method used by Internet fraudsters to gain unauthorised access to data by impersonating a trusted party. They usually use fake sites and/or emails that look like the websites of well-known companies, with the aim of stealing passwords and credit card details.

Pénzügyi csalások

Online financial fraud

Online financial scams are tricks used on the internet in order to convince people to provide money or valuable information. This can be done through fake online shops or online marketplaces where fraudsters pretends to be buyers or sellers.

Zaklatás, zsarolás

Harassment and extortion

Online harassment is the activity of someone sending hurtful, abusive or humiliating messages to others over the internet. Whereas online extortion is when someone uses threats or violence to get others to do, not do or tolerate something, causing financial loss.


Fake news

Fake news are deliberately published untrue statements, where the main purpose is to achieve financial gain or influence. Fake news are not new, but with the increased level of internet usage, especially social media, there is higher rate of spreading.