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If you wish to make a complaint about the handling of notifications, please read this section carefully. We take your feedback and complaints seriously, so kindly provide us with as much information as possible so that we can investigate each case as thoroughly as possible.

You can submit your complaint electronically by clicking here.

In order for your complaint to be valid and the matter to be investigated, you must do the following:

  • In the "Subject" field, select the complaint handling procedure
  • Enter your own name
  • Enter your e-mail address
  • Give the reason for the complaint in up to 512 characters

Please be as specific as possible about your complaint: the message should include the content of your original complaint and its exact reason. Initially, we will send a request to the complainant's email address to rectify the complaint, however, if we do not receive further information, we have the right to reject the complaint.

For a valid complaint, the Organisation will acknowledge the complaint and, under the guidance of the Coordinator, will launch an investigation into the matter and inform the Head of the Organisation of the initiation and outcome of the investigation.

If the complaint is upheld, the appropriate corrective action will be taken, and the complainant will be informed. If the complaint is not upheld, the complainant will be also informed.

The personal data (name, email address) will be kept by the Organization until the notification is processed, at which time the Organization will notify the complainant of the result. You can read more about this in the Privacy Notice.