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The importance of age-appropriate content for children

A gyermekek életkorának megfelelő tartalom fontossága

In today’s digital world, the time children spend online and in front of a screen has a strong influence on their emotional and social development. The content children consume can be controlled for a relatively long period of their lives and then influenced to varying degrees, so we, as parents, have a responsibility to do so.

16. 11. 2023

Little hands, big risks: children’s exposure to online banking fraud

A gyermekek online banki csalásoknak való kitettsége

As the digital world develops, it becomes more and more part of our daily lives. It makes our lives easier and offers a mine of opportunities, but it also entails significant drawbacks and dangers. As children become more immersed in the online world, their exposure to a variety of threats raises concerns. Online banking scams may not immediately spring to mind as the greatest danger, but they are no exception.

16. 11. 2023

Cyberbullying, or the price of progress

Cyberbullying, avagy a fejlődés ára

In our digital world, the internet has opened countless opportunities for people of all ages, including children, to communicate, learn and enjoy themselves. However, it has also brought new challenges, one of which is cyberbullying.

16. 11. 2023